A proactive purification system that sends ionized aggressive oxidizers into your conditioned space to destroy pollutants at the source.

Guardian Air by RGF® is installed in your home or business heating and air conditioning duct system and is used to neutralize

  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • mold
  • odors
  • smoke
  • volatile gases
Guardian Air’s continuous purification process can eliminate 99% of airborne microorganisms, including

  • E. coli
  • strep
  • tuberculosis
  • bird & swine flu
  • MRSA
  • Norwalk virus


Guardian Air is designed to eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing odors, air pollutants, VOCs (chemical odors), smoke, mold bacteria and viruses. The HVAC-PHI Cells mount into air conditioning and heating systems air ducts where sick building problems start.

 When the HVAC system is in operation the Cell creates anAdvanced Oxidation Process consisting of hydro-peroxides, super oxide ions and hydroxide ions – “friendly” oxidizers that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after the oxidation of the pollutant.