Space Requirements

Of course, your space needs to accommodate the physical dimensions of the ice machine (width, depth, height), plus for air-cooled models, an allowance of 6 inches all the way around the unit to allow for air-flow. This buffer space is not required for water-cooled models. Central York offers a variety of models with dimensions suited to your space constraints.

Utility Connections

Ice machines require a dedicated circuit, in most cases a 115 V/20 A circuit is sufficient (for production up to 500 lbs of ice per 24-hours). Larger capacity machines may require 220 V/30 A service.

Your ice machine will require a connection to water supply (typically ⅜” to ½” diameter pipe) with a shut-off valve within 6’ of the equipment.

Your ice machine will drain some water during ice production. In most applications we recommend routing the drain line to a floor drain, however, if not available the drain line can be run to a utility sink (requiring the use of an assist pump).