It is essential to precisely control temperature and humidity in server, telephone and equipment rooms in order to ensure the continued optimal operation of the contained electronic equipment. Server room conditioning systems must perform four key functions:

  1. extract heat generated by the equipment (not unlike a typical air conditioning system, although the temperature of supply air is typically cooler)
  2. filter the surrounding air and remove airborne dust and particles
  3. maintain room humidity above a certain point (typically around 35% relative) to limit the possibility of static electrical charges from building up
  4. maintain room humidity below a certain point (usually under 65% relative) to limit the possibility of corrosion of electrical components

Central York has expertise installing the Liebert Mini-Mate 2 line of IT-room conditioners. Much like a traditional air conditioning system, the Mini-Mate 2 comprises an indoor air handling unit, which can often be suspended from the ceiling in your IT-room, and an outside condenser unit. The refrigeration coil performs room cooling and dehumidification while an integrated humidifier will re-introduce humidity as needed to keep the room between the ideal relative humidity setpoints.